Cerebral Palsy, Autism Care & Developmental Disability Care Developmental Disability Care Services in Wasilla, Alaska

Bright Horizon Homes LLC provides developmental disability care residential homes and community-based waiver services to Alaska Medicaid Waiver recipients in the Mat-Su Valley. Our staff offers collectively over fifty (50) years of experience of working with disabled individuals such as cerebral palsy treatment and autism care. Bright Horizon Homes strives to provide quality services and residential homes in Wasilla, Alaska to our clients.

Bright Horizon Homes provide developmental disability care services to MRDD, CCMC & APD waiver recipients.

Our Mission:

The Mission of Bright Horizon Homes is to provide developmentally disabled individuals with a warm, safe, and supportive home environment that promotes self-worth, independence and daily living skills.

Bright Horizon Homes LLC provides comprehensive human services by applying innovative and the best practice techniques to enhance the quality of life for our clients, their families, and the communities we serve.

Bright Horizon Homes is dedicated to creating tools and services to encourage our clients to obtain more productive and self-reliant lives through cerebral palsy treatment programs and autism care.

Bright Horizon Homes’ philosophy is to empower our clients to obtain their optimum potential, because we at Bright Horizon Homes believe every person is capable of growth.